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by Frank York

The America Life League’s video exposé of Planned Parenthood called “Hooking Kids on S**” was pulled from YouTube because of an ex-intern who worked at Planned Parenthood.

ALL, however, has posted “Hooked on S** II.” The new video reveals how in 1969, Planned Parenthood planned an official policy of restructuring the family, promoting forced abortions, and encouraging increased homos**uality.

According to ALL Executive Director Paul Rondeau: “Even people who thought they knew better were shocked by how Planned Parenthood promotes s** to youngsters.”

Planned Parenthood uses pornographic images, contests, cartoons and workshops to encourage s**ual activity at very early ages when sexual addiction can begin.

Rondeau notes: “Obamacare is structured to guarantee that Planned Parenthood will put this in K-12 schools. So, of course, Planned Parenthood will now deny its strategy is to restructure the family by changing how children view s**.”

WARNING: Video Contains Sexual Images Not Suitable For Children

For a story which is related to this video, please visit Jill Stanek’s website to read this stunning article… (Note: Graphic images are shared further exposing Planned Parenthood)

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